Simplicity and Ease of Use: The Foundation of our Web Design Philosophy

Simplicity in Web Design

People are the life blood of your business. Understanding their wants, needs and desires must be your highest priority. Our web design philosophy involves understanding the needs of people who come to your web site.

Simplicity of design and ease of use creates impact, enhances the visitor experience and assists organisations to achieve their online objectives. It's that simple!

We believe visitors come to your site for two reasons:

  • To seek information
  • To solve a problem

To make it easy for your visitors, and to make your site successful, simplicity and ease of use are our main focus when we design and develop your site. This means your web site must be:

  • Visually appealing
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to navigate
  • Help the user find the information they want quickly
  • Fulfill their purpose in coming to your site

Often, this is not easy to achieve, but we work hard to create a design that is memorable and compelling.

Information is critical to the success of your website

The web is a tool for information and research so design must support your message, not overwhelm it. Therefore, web design must be done with care and restraint.

The internet is an information resource, so web design must make information easily accessible. That is it's core responsibility. A key message web site owners must understand is that in order to "sell" (either a product, service or solution) on the Internet, you must first of all "tell" (give information).

An e-commerce site, for example, must quickly meet the needs of many and diverse customers. Simplicity, ease of use and clear navigation are powerful web design tools that will enhance the customer experience, and your bottom line as a business owner.

Hyperlink assists businesses by designing intelligent web solutions. We focus on the things that matters most to your customers and leave out that which hinders your ability to communicate clearly. That is the foundation of good web design!

Simplicity has its own advantages:

  • Pages download quickly
  • Clean design emphasises content
  • Pages become search engine friendly
  • Pages become reader friendly
  • Lead generation and sales increase

Got you thinking?… Ready to make a start?